"For there'll be peace when you are done."

"Now your life's no longer empty, surely Heaven waits for you."

  • Wayward Son (ウェイウォード・ ゾン Weiward Zon)
  • [NOTE]: Wayward Son is only obtainable by Tlmsuper as the main donor, as well as dabiomaru and MlgArcOfOz.
  • [SPECIAL INFO]: Wayward Son has a Special-Reliant Stand Jump.
  • This stand cannot be traded.
  • The damage of all moves are calculated off %dmg plus base damage.
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(E): Lightning Rush - Wayward Son homes onto a target doing a high-speed, high-damage barrage, also hitting opponents with area-of-effect lightning bolts for very low damage.

(R): Thunder Blast - A long-ranged lightning bolt that deals moderately-low, area of effect damage.

(T): Thunder Clap - By clapping, Wayward Son releases lightning charges that does moderate damage and is area of effect.

[NOTE]: After being hit by Thunder Clap, the opponent will be stunned in place and can no longer use any moves until the stun is over.

(F): Time Shatter - A final resort, the user shoots forward in a burst of lightning, with massive area-of-effect properties, ludicrous damage, as well as a moderate stun and an extremely long cooldown.

[NOTE]: True to it's name, this move can be used within Timestop.

(Y): Chronos Forme - With electrical currents running all through the users and Wayward Son's body, the user gains a massive walk speed boost, as well as an attack speed boost. This move also gives a [100%] Dodge Chance equal to Hey Ya's passive ability.


  • While posing, the Ducktales Moon Theme for NES plays.
  • Wayward Son can also be found as a card in the ROBLOX game Hero Havoc, another game Tlmsuper has worked for.
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