You get traits randomly upon rolling for a stand, you can also reroll a trait with a corpse part as of V 5.40.

-Custom: One Punch

-SS: Godly

-S: Legendary

-A: Hypersonic, Indestructible, Mighty, Powerhouse, Humble, Elegant

-B: Agile, Tank, Timid, Speedy, Brute, Slugger

-C: Resilient, Quick, Strong

-D: Balanced


Trait Properties (Speed = Stand Speed, Potency = Special and Power DMG, Resilence = Endurance) Just because one may be lower than another Trait on this list, does not mean that it is weaker.

-Godly: All stats +0.35

-Legendary: All stats +0.25

-Elegant: +0.5 Speed, -0.2 Resilience

-Hypersonic: +0.5 Speed, -0.2 Potency

-Mighty: +0.5 Potency, -0.2 Speed

-Powerhouse: +0.5 Potency, -0.2 Resilience

-Humble: +0.5 Resilience, -0.2 Potency

-Indestructible: +0.5 Resilience, -0.2 Speed

-Tank: +0.25 Resilience, -0.1 Speed

-Timid: +0.25 Resilience, -0.1 Potency

-Speedy: +0.25 Speed, -0.1 Resilience

-Agile: +0.25 Speed, -0.1 Potency

-Brute: +0.25 Potency, -0.1 Resilience

-Slugger: +0.25 potency, -0.1 Speed

-Resilient: +0.15 Resilience

-Quick: +0.15 Speed

-Strong: +0.15 potency

-Balanced: All stats +0.1

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