The Sun is a Stand in Project JoJo.


The Sun takes on the form of a large fiery sphere in the sky, similar to its anime and manga counterpart.


Move Key Combination Attack Type Description
Sun Beam E Projectile The user places a mirror in which the Sun shoots a deadly beam of fire that leaves burn damage to opponents. The mirror disappears shortly after.
Place Mirror R Other The user places a mirror that allows the Sun's rays to reflect off of. After a while, the mirror disappears.
Bright Burner Passive Special Bringing out the Sun applies a burn effect to nearby opponents.


Countering The Sun

Although The Sun applies constant burn damage to anyone near its user, said damage is rather weak. A decently-sized health pool will counter any AoE damage, and Sun Beam, while fast, is difficult to aim when facing moving targets. Simply stay on the move to make a fight against a The Sun user rather trivial.

Using The Sun

The Sun is great for AFK grinding. It can also grind levels and XP levels. Because of its Bright Burner ability, it can AFK grind for money and levels without being affected by time stops. It's notably a good stand to grind the Assault the Titans and A Giant Problem quests for Worthiness, due to its mirror ability. The best place to afk grind is at the Ice Dummy Rink. There, you can burn 9 dummies at once.


  • According to the Trello:
    • The Sun ranks tier 1 on the rarity tier list.
    • The Sun ranks class C on the combat tier list.
    • The Sun overall ranks "regular tier".
    • It can beat the Hyperspace Dummy.
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