Symphony of Destruction is a close to medium range stand. His moves do a lot of damage and always have something to do with radiation or bombs. This is seen as a good stand to fuse, and is powerful on it's own. It can do good combos with his R move, as it pulls people in like a magnet, or his E move, which also pulls people in. If you put a bomb down before this move and pull said opponent in, it can deal damage which can't be escaped, or can just be used as a push for cooldowns or Hamon/Vampiric regeneration.

Symphony has a manual barrage, aka, when you click, you start it. You need to continue clicking to continue the barrage, over time the barrage gets faster and faster, and the attack cooldown (The time SoD gets back into his position) gets upgraded to the point where there barely even is one. The barrage is strength based but is not recommended.

haha mini nukes go boom


Move Key Combination Attack Type Description
Radiation Grab E Grab Symphony of Destruction grabs the opponent and infuses radiation into them, dealing damage. This move is special based. Upon pressing E again (Or after a certain time) Symphony of Destruction throws them away, recommended to be constantly moving, as this will leave the enemy's melee moves useless. This move is decent for pulling in people into your bombs and making extra damage. Be careful of projectiles from the one you are grabbing.
Radiation Pull R Blow Symphony of Destruction punches the ground and pulls anyone near him in, making an explosion which then pushes them away. This move is great for combos such as T + E.
Irradiated Punch T Blow Symphony of Destruction punches the ground, and after a second, it makes an explosion alike the 2nd move, however this one deals more damage and doesn't pull people in, plus having more range.
Small Nuclear Devastation. Y Projectile Symphony of Destruction goes up the air and launches a nuke, dealing huge damage with a low range. It takes some less time than the other moves.
Nuclear Devastation. F Super Ability Symphony of Destruction goes up in the air and shoots a Nuke. The range is amazing and so is the power, however it takes around 5-7 seconds to shoot the projectile, leaving you vulnerable, it is recommended to pull out this move when you are away from your opponent, this move also erases objects that are within reach of the nuke.
Stand Jump. Z Transportation. Symphony of Destruction jumps very high in the air, nothing special other than the stand jump height.
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