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"“Yare Yare Daze...”"
— -Star Platinum: Over Heaven’s kill quote.


Star Platinum: Over Heaven (commonly abbreviated to SPOH or SP:OH) canonically named Star Platinum: Over Heaven is a stand in Project JoJo.


Star Platinum: Over Heaven is of similar if not identical muscle build as Star Platinum Prime or Star Platinum: The World.

Star Platinum: Over Heaven also has an almost white skin tone, with yellow accents running down its arms and torso. Its expression is slightly angry. It has almost neon blue eyes, a headband with a oval cyan gem embedded in it, and flared neon white hair. It wears light yellow Shoulder Pads with golden markings, a light yellow bandana, and 2 light yellow accessories on each of its arms, with yellow-golden gloves. In its abdominal area, it also wears what looks like a belt and a cover hanging from the middle.



Move Key Combination Attack Type Description
Reality-Warping Ora Barrage
E + Hold
Star Platinum: Over Heaven does a strong attack rush. It is power and percentage based.
Existence-Erasing Ora Punch
Star Platinum: Over Heaven does a powerful blow. It is power and percentage based.
Star Blast
Star Platinum: Over Heaven launches a ball of energy that expands in size as it travels, dealing massive damage. This move is special and distance based
Healing Ora Barrage
F + Hold
Star Platinum: Over Heaven does an attack rush. However, instead of damaging, it'll heal the victim. Amount of healing depends on Special.
Self-Healing Ora Barrage
C + F + Hold
Similar to Healing Ora Barrage, only it does so on the user themselves. Special based.
Time Stop
Star Platinum: Over Heaven stops time. All damage and events are delayed until time stop ends, where it all happens at once. The cooldown on this ability is estimated to be around a minute,


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