Tier List

Tier List of all the stands and their current rarities. This tier list shows the rarity of stands ranging from tier 1 to tier 7.The higher the tier is, the rarer the stand is.

Tier rarity :

[1] According to trello [The lesser the weight, the rarer the Stand]

  • Tier 1 : [3000 Weight]
  • Tier 2 : [2000 Weight]
  • Tier 3 : [1000 Weight]
  • Tier 4 : [700 Weight]
  • Tier 5 : [350 Weight]
  • Tier 6 : [5 Weight]
  • Tier 7 : [1 Weight]

>For Requiem, check Requiem Arrow

-You can bump up a tier if your worthiness is 100%

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 Tier 6 Tier 7 Other
Cream Starter Diver Down Harvest Speed King Rumble Star Platinum: The World Tusk King Crimson Over Heaven
Osiris Magician's Red Six Pistols Echoes Rolling Stones Killer Queen (Alternate Universe) Gold Experience Cream Over Heaven
Anubis Spice Girl Aerosmith Weather Report Mandom The World

The World Alternate Universe

Ball Breaker
The Emperor Scary Monsters Silver Chariot Sticky Fingers Soft & Wet Hey Ya! Star Platinum Prime Hermit Purple
The Sun Hierophant Green Moody Blues Purple Haze Symphony of Destruction Guest Platinum Crazy Train
Ratt Highway Star The Grateful Dead White Album Atom Heart Father Stone Free Star-Spangled Banner Star Platinum Over Heaven
Chocolate Disco The Hand Boy II Man Black Sabbath White Wedding D4C Made in Heaven
Mr. President Kiss Boku no Rhythm wo Kiitekure Smashing Pumpkin Crazy Diamond King Crimson Gold Experience Requiem
Fun Fun Fun 20th Century Boy Killer Queen C-Moon
Metallica Cream The World Over Heaven
Heaven's Door Whitesnake
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