This article is about the heavenly ascension form. For the standard form, see King Crimson. King Crimson Over Heaven (commonly abbreviated to KCOH) is a Stand in Project JoJo. This is an exclusive stand to donors who donated upwards of $100 to MlgArcOfOz and is currently unobtainable.


King Crimson Over Heaven looks similar to King Crimson, only that it takes on a magenta skin tone, rather than red. Its sub-Stand 21st Epitaph takes on a blacker appearance than Epitaph.


Move Key Combination Attack Type Description
Reality-Splitting Chop
King Crimson Over Heaven chops the opponent, dealing extremely high damage to the opponent and knocking them back with an explosion, and propelling them back. This will place the targets into temporary elevated stun.
Reality Splitting Chop

Reality-Splitting Chop

Reality-Shattering Jab
King Crimson Over Heaven jabs the enemy, knocking them back a moderate distance and dealing extremely high damage to the enemy. Often used right after Reality-Splitting Chop.
Reality Shattering Jab

Reality-Shattering Jab

Super Ability
Universe Breaker
Universe Breaker
Pressing and holding down F will prompt King Crimson Over Heaven to prepare a kick. Upon release, the Stand whips its leg around, dealing extraordinary area over effect damage. The kick will deal more damage the longer it's charged, and will launch players back far away.
Active Ability
21st Epitaph
21st Epitaph Move
Upon pressing Y, King Crimson Over Heaven activates its sub-Stand 21st Epitaph. 21st Epitaph releases a small orb of energy, dragging nearby opponents towards it. The farthest targets inside the range of the orb are targeted and dragged towards the orb, and all nearby players of the orb can be affected by this. The orb eventually explodes, dealing significant damage. Requiem is required.
Passive Ability
Swift Time Erasure
Swift Time Erasure
Upon pressing T, King Crimson Over Heaven erases time, similar to its predecessor; the user places a clone down which is unable to be attacked, and all damage the user deals inside Time Erase applies immediately instead of at the end of the attack


  • King Crimson Over Heaven can only be acquired by donating to the owner upwards of 100 USD.
    • That being said, King Crimson Over Heaven is a stand that isn't acquired by an Arrow.
    • As of 5/2/2020, this stand is unobtainable and no more donations are accepted.
  • King Crimson Over Heaven is commonly regarded as the most powerful Stand in the game. As of the current update, it is rather weak and not viable in combat.
  • King Crimson Over Heaven cannot fuse
  • Pre-data reset, donors were capable of bugging their stand to make it fuse. Any KCOH with a fused stand today is bannable and evidence should be brought up.
  • Be wary of KCOH scams. KCOH is not capable of being traded without notifying the owner, the donor, and a complicated process. Ask for a screenshot with KCOH and the person trading it to you often, and make sure they are classified as donors.
  • On April 1st, 2020, all the King Crimson and King Crimson Over Heaven models had switched around. Normal players got a King Crimson with the Over Heaven texture and normal KC moves, and vice versa. The patch notes said "Nerfed donors. Imagine paying for a stand."
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