Fusion is a mechanic in Project JoJo.



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Fusion can be acquired by using a Stone Rokakaka near the "Wall Eyes" (which are the disfigured boulders located left of the school behind the power lines). Note that to do this, you need to complete all of Jotaro Kujo's Quests.

How To Fuse

  1. Finish all of Jotaro's quests and decide the Stands you want to fuse.
  2. Go to Enrico Pucci and put the Sub Stand (the Stand you want fused with your Base Stand. Fusing will destroy the Sub Stand.) in the middle top row of your Stand Storage. This box should be outlined with yellow.
  3. Have your Base Stand (the Stand you will keep and have the main abilities for).
  4. Have a Stone Rokakaka and go over to the Wall Eyes.
  5. Stand around Wall Eyes and use the Stone Rokakaka.
  6. You will be reset with a yellow explosion and be spawned back with your new fused Stand.


Fusion can be used to create fused Stands, which are combinations of two different Stands, with one being the "Base" (dominant over the other). Fusion abilities are activated by pressing U. Other fusion abilities are granted as a passive to your current Stand. You cannot level up fused Stands if they are past Stand Level 10.−

Stand Fusions are separated among Parts and each define what type of fusion would occur if the said stand was used as a Sub for your Base/Main Stand.

  • [NOTE]: Some Stands here that are Marked "Non-Humanoid" along their name aren't Humanoid Stands. They'll take appearance of a tool/weapon on the stand itself or take some forms of their appearance and transfer onto the Main Stand itself.
  • [INFO]: Stands being remotely controlled cannot use fusion abilities. The only stand that is humanoid and CAN'T use fusion abilities is Black Sabbath, as the stand itself does not linger behind the user. Stands like Whitesnake, C-Moon, and Highway Star are able to use fusion abilities when the stand is not being remotely controlled.
  • [INFO]: You can not fuse stands with the Ultimate sub-spec or fuse stands that have already been blessed. (When attempting to fuse, it will not consume the Stone Rokakaka.)
  • [INFO]: Specs like Shotgun, Cyborg, and Caesar's Hamon can now be fused with stands. However, they can only be the base of a fusion.


Fusions with Ball Breaker as the base with typically humanoid Stands as the sub fusion are quite well known due to their strange appearances. Due to the sub Stand's physical components appearing over-sized on Ball Breaker's small body.

Certain Tusk fusions (ones with humanoid sub fusions with a U ability) will cause the Stand to look strange when performing their fusion ability. This is likely due to Tusk's body being unlike other humanoid Stands' bodies.

Known Fused Stands

  • D4 Mettalica is a fusion that is good for Trolling, even GER or Tusk ACT 4 can’t see the Metallica’s user because the User is invisible within the Dimensional Flag so if you don’t wanted to get banned like Spice Sabbath Fusion DO NOT GET THIS FUSION.
  • Kiss Pumpkin is a fusion of Smashing Pumpking (Base) and Kiss (Sub). One of the best stand to kill bosses, barrage deals not a big dmg, but SM(Smashing Pumpkin) F move with U move deals very big dmg(even without spin and hamon), can easily kill DIO in seconds, best sub. specs for that fusions is ULF and Vamp.
  • Kiss World (Over Heaven) is a fusion with The World (Over Heaven) and Kiss, with The World (Over Heaven) as the base. This stand is great in both ranged and close-combat, because of the possibly tripled T move (Insta-Kill if you have the right stats) and the rest of the moves paired with Self-Arm Duplication, making it a great damage-dealing stand.
  • KingGirl is a fusion of king crimson sub an spice girl base this fusion can time erase and do the R move which does the slice effect doing some damage and being annoying so U + R (recommended blessing ,saintly or holy)
  • Soft Chariot is the fusion of Soft & Wet and Silver Chariot, with the former being the sub. It is an Anti-meta fusion.
  • Anubis Chariot, is a fusion with Anubis as the base and Silver Chariot as Sub, is not the ultimate stand, but worth noting that the attack that comes from the Chariot Sub doesn't display any stand doing the attack, simply the players putting their hands slightly behind them.
  • Black Boy is a fusion with 20th Century boy as the base and Black Sabbath as sub basically allows you to become a surprise bomb, aka Killer Queen Bites Za Dust from the anime. It also has a super funny name.
  • Star-Spangled Moon is the fusion of C-Moon (base) and Star Spangled Banner (sub). With the right combo this is a pretty overpowered fusion with an infinite surface inversion barrage.
  • Red Smith is a fusion of Aerosmith as the base, and Magician's Red as the sub. With Aerosmith's machine guns engulfed in Magician Red's flames, this fusion is considered to be very annoying because it can rapidly and constantly burn players with infinite duration, thus causing lag. With the right specs and trait, it can become a huge nuisance and a fast killer in PVPs due to it's ability to constantly lag and burn players. This fusion is also very VERY OP in gang wars.
  • Kiss Chariot is a fusion of Silver Chariot(base) and Kiss (sub). The reason it's so good is because when it takes off armor and gives itself extra arms, it can deal 7.5x damage and attack faster. With Hamon, I believe it can do about 18x damage. Sometimes when it throws the sword, it will throw 3 instead of 1.
  • Fun Ultimate Form is a fusion of Ultimate Life Form as the base and Fun Fun Fun as the sub. This fusion is very great at trolling. All you have to do is to mark people by shooting them with feather bullets from the sky and drag them using Limb Control. As long as you're in high ground, have hamonic, have Indestructible, and full or a lot of points in endurance, you're mostly unstoppable. This fusion is also good in Gang Wars if done right, as you can drag opponents away from points or to your OP teammates. However, Fun Ultimate Form still has counters and you will be killed if not played carefully. These include: Aerosmith, Guest Platinum, Black Sabbath, etc. You can still mark on your teammates in Gang Wars, so use it wisely.

(insert info about 20th Century Sun/Ratt here)

  • Osiris Banner is the fusion of Osiris (Sub) and Star Spangled Banner (Base) It can do a massive amount of damage if you have some Osiris Chips. If you have a lot of chips and charge the F move, you can one shot any boss, including "Serious" bosses.
  • The C is the fusion of The Hand and D4C, with D4C as the base. Its F Ability is really good if you know how to use it.
  • Star-Spangled Emperor is a fusion of Star-Spangled banner as the sub, and The Emperor as the base. Because of Star-Spangled Banner's sub ability, The Emperor's E ability is now infinite, making it into basically a never-lasting machine gun. The best specs for this fusion is simply Ultimate and Vampiric, so your infinite E ability can now constantly heal you if you aim your rapid shots.
  • Spice Sabbath is the fusion of Spice Girl and Black Sabbath, with Black Sabbath as the base. It is the most broken and bannable fusion there is because of the Stand flinging anybody near it. DO NOT GET THIS FUSION IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO GET BANNED.
  • Red Pistols is the fusion that of Magicians Red and Six Pistols, with Six Pistols as the base. It can easily kill bosses like Kira even without Spin.
  • White Kiitekure is the fusion of Boku No Rhythm wo Kiitekure and White Wedding, with Boku No Rhythm as the base, and White Wedding as the sub. Boku No Rhythm’s F ability and and White Weddings U ability are capable of causing catastrophic damage. Pull enemies to a pole and spam.
  • D4 Tusk is the fusion of D4C (Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap) and Tusk ACT4, with Tusk ACT4 as the base. It is the second most broken fusion after Spice Sabbath. It does a lot of damage.
  • Ratt Boy is the fusion of Ratt and 20th Century Boy, with 20th Century Boy as the base. It is one of the most broken Stands in the game because of the decay effect. It can easily kill players instantly.
  • Crazy World OH is the fusion of Crazy Train and The World Over Heaven, with The World Over Heaven as the base. In Time Stop, it can wack 3 people or more at a time, and is just definitely better cause Time Stop.
  • Kiss Report is the fusion of Kiss and Weather Report, with Weather Report as the base. It can create multiple homing snails with Heavy Weather.
  • King World OH is the fusion of King Crimson and The World Over Heaven, with The World Over Heaven as the base. It can deal heavy damage during its process of time erasure. Commonly referred to as King World OH for short.
  • Gold World (Alternate Universe) (/Requiem) is the fusion of Gold Experience (/Requiem) and The World (Alternate Universe), with The World (Alternate Universe) as the base. It can deal percent precision damage.
  • Ball Queen is the fusion of Ball Breaker and Killer Queen, with Killer Queen as the base. It can create an area of effect (AoE) bombs and deal AoE damage.
  • Echoes Moon is the fusion of Echoes Act 3 and C-Moon, with C-Moon as the base. It can inflict 3 Freeze on its surrounding area upon using Super Gravity Manipulation.
  • Crazy Tusk is the fusion of Crazy Diamond and Tusk ACT4, with Tusk ACT4 as the base. It can use homing fingernails and Spin energy.
  • King Experience Requiem is the fusion of King Crimson and Gold Experience Requiem, with Gold Experience Requiem as the base. It can use King Crimson's Time Erasure while having Gold Experience Requiem's abilities.
  • King Platinum Prime is the fusion of King Crimson and Star Platinum Prime, with Star Platinum Prime as the base. With the chop ability and time erase, with buffs, you can produce insane damage and time erase to get close as possible to them.
  • White C is the fusion of White Wedding and D4C, with D4C as the base. It allows you to, along with an infinite Stand rush as your left mouse click, create objects and people basically into magnets, which allows you to use it to force enemies to get hit by your love train.
  • Killer Breaker is the fusion of Killer Queen and Ball Breaker, with Ball Breaker as the base. All of its spin attacks are explosive, and deal a high amount of damage, it also has Killer Queen's Primary Bomb move on the U key.
  • Killer Breaker (AU) is the fusion of Ball Breaker as base and KIller Queen AU.Barrage and Spin Tornado attacks deal extra damage with explosins that boost damage a lot.It have Killer Queen AU's Mini Sheer Heart Attack on the U key.Also Mini SHA screams "PIZZA!" sometimes.
  • Star Tusk (/Prime) is the fusion of Star Platinum (/Prime) and Tusk ACT4, with Tusk ACT4 as the base. It can do precision attacks that deal have high damage of Tusk ACT4 x2. And with Rock Human, it can do 4x damage.
  • D4 Queen is the fusion of D4C and Killer Queen, with Killer Queen as the base. This Stand has the abilities of Killer Queen while having the ability to hide with Dimensional Flag.
  • Made in Tusk is the fusion of Made in Heaven and Tusk ACT4, with Tusk ACT4 as the base. This Stand will have faster punches and will have Universal Reset as the U key.
  • Diver Sabbath is the fusion of Diver Down and Black Sabbath, with Black Sabbath as the base. It can easily kill unsuspecting players due to stored damage.
  • Rolling Tusk is the fusion of Rolling Stones and Tusk ACT4, with Tusk ACT4 as the base. This is a basic fusion of an amazing Stand, with the best all-around passive fusion ability, it's just good.
  • D4 Crimson is the fusion of D4C and King Crimson, with King Crimson as the base. While using dimension hide, you can use King Crimson new barrage and his Flanking Jab from behind to do a bleeding effect.
  • Purple Fingers is the fusion of Purple Haze and Sticky Fingers, with Sticky Fingers as the base. This fusion allows the user to trap targets and hit them with Extended Ari Barrage adding a poison effect doing massive amounts of damage.
  • Harvest Sun is the fusion of Harvest and The Sun, with The Sun as the base. Due to Harvest's sub ability, you basically have an AOE blur.
  • Cream Cream OH is the fusion of Cream and Cream Over Heaven, with Cream Over Heaven as the base. If you add Spin, Requiem, and Ultimate and still stand next to them, you can one shot bosses with only 600 points in special.
  • Six Banner is the fusion of Six Pistols and Star-Spangled Banner, with Star-Spangled Banner as the base. Your T move becomes auto-aim due to Six Pistols' sub ability, removing the previous inconsistency it had and effectively making it better than your Independence Barrage (due to better base damage, higher range, and similar speed). It's also worth mentioning that your T can be held indefinitely. Your Y also becomes auto aim.
  • Killer Smith is a stand of Killer Queen as the sub, and Aerosmith as the base. Due of Killer Queen's sub ability, Killer Smith's machine guns can now have a chance to explode upon hit. Because the machine guns are rapid and infinite, Killer Smith can now constantly hit enemies with multiple explosions. This fusion is a great anti-meta stand due to it's great damage with rapid firing, and small but continuous knockback from the explosions to delay or distract meta stand users .
  • Chariot World OH and Heaven's World OH, Chariot Requiem sub fusion over The World OH and Heaven's Door sub fusion over The World OH respectively. These are grouped together because the two Stands share a similar functionality, the sub fusions are used to quickly stun players (Sleep Aura with Chariot Requiem, Open Book with Heaven's Door) before damaging the stunned player with The World OH's high burst damage.
  • Kiss Tusk is the fusion of Kiss and Tusk ACT4, with Tusk ACT4 as the base. This fusion can make the projectiles x3, it is very OP when using Infinite Spin Nail Shot. The fusion's ability gives you 4x or 3.5x damage (Specs recomendation: Saintly Spinning)
  • Cream Train is the fusion of Cream and Crazy Train, with Crazy Train as the base. It has incredible barrage damage, it is a good fusion to shred every bosses within less than 10 seconds, especially if this fusion has Divine Spinning specs.
  • The Tusk is the fusion of The World and Tusk ACT4, with Tusk ACT4 as the base. It's a good fusion for killing bosses. In Gang Wars you can stop time and use Infinite Spin Nail Shot, combined with the Holy blessing (halves the cooldown), gives you a Stand that's good in combat. (note: i'm guessing it's due to tusk's natural time stop immunity, but "the tusk" gets stopped in it's own time stop, and that's dumb)
  • Free Hand is the fusion of Stone Free and The Hand, with The Hand as the base. After using String Tether to trap your opponents, you can use Erasure Swipe to deal a lot of damage to the opponent. After the String Tether wears off, you can use The Hand's T move to escape and use The Hand's Y move after the cooldown is refreshed to pull the opponent towards you.
  • Rolling Sabbath is a fusion that can literally one shot anyone in the game. If it has Saintly, Requiem, Hamon, and a good trait, you will be powerful. If your enemy is at 25% HP, it will instantly kill them from the Rolling Stones sub.
  • Soft Fingers is an anti-meta stand that can do MASSIVE damage to enemies. If you have a good trait, Spin, Requiem, and Saintly you can destroy your enemies with the Y move. The base is Sticky Fingers with Soft & Wet sub. When you attack your enemies it does extra damage with the sub passive of Bubble Skin. A powerful combo Is Y+H and Spam H. The reason is when you press Y it cuts their arms off and you can kick their arms with H to do damage while they run.
  • Tusk Platinum Prime is one of the most broken stands in the game. With Tusk as the sub and Star Platinum Prime as the base. Its attacks do so much damage and the regular basic punches can do up to 30k to dummies. The Fingernail debuff makes this so broken to the point where you can always win 1v1s.
  • Cream Crimson is the fusion of Cream and King Crimson, with King Crimson as the base. Because of King Crimson's high damage and combos and Cream's great passive, you can almost get a free kill out of Time Erase to Flanking Jab, and if the opponent is not finished off, you can finish it off with a combo that certainly puts most opponents dead in their tracks. Cream Crimson is compatible with both Hamon and Spin (don't get Vampire or Stone Human), and compatible with a blessing or Ultimate. If you get Hamon, I recommend getting Ultimate. With Spin, try to get Saintly or Divine.
  • Mr. Rumble is the fusion of Mr. President and Rumble, with Rumble as the base. With Mr. President’s passive doubled defense, Rumble’s Hyper Guard can absorb twice the damage. Paired with a sub spec such as Hamon or Spin, you can outpour double what the opponent is throwing at you. This fusion is considered OP if used correctly due to the Hyper Quake move.
  • Emperor Pistols is the fusion of The Emperor and Six Pistols, with Six Pistols as the base. Because Six Pistols doesn't auto-track, fusing it with The Emperor solves that at the cost of being weaker. However, due to Six Pistols' superior damage, it's basically a better The Emperor anyways. With quick reactions, this stand is definitely a plus. You could add Vampire and Ultimate to be even more annoying, but here's a warning if you put Vampire and Ultimate on it and troll others: prepare to get killed.
  • Cream Experience Requiem is the fusion of Cream and Gold Experience Requiem, with Gold Experience Requiem as the base. With GER's op melee and cream's void it deals op damage. This is one of the Best if not the best PVP stand in the game due to the void damage being so overpowered and RTZ's long stun. With divine, it can easily 1 shot players or burn them down with barrage.
  • The/Star World (Alternate Universe) TWAU being the base, and TWOH/SPOH being the sub. Since TWAU is the base it will have precision melee (auto aim rush and heavy punch) and because of the TWOH/SPOH as sub, it will make percent DMG melee based.
  • Scary Crimson is the fusion of Scary Monsters and King Crimson, with King Crimson as the base. This fusion has a chance to summon dinosaurs upon impact because of the Scary Monsters sub. Time Erase can be helpful when using this stand. This stand is similar to Cream Crimson but it is cheaper and can be more powerful. (Recommended blessings are Saintly, Holy, or Divine.)
  • The Magician is the fusion of The World and Magician's Red, with Magician's Red as the base. R.I.P.: Time Stop got nerfed to not stack with special.
  • Star-Spangled Platinum is the fusion of Star-Spangled Banner and Star Platinum Over Heaven, with Star Platinum Over Heaven as the base. You basically have infinite healing barrage and infinite normal barrage.
  • Made in Guest is the fusion of Made in Heaven and Guest Platinum, with Guest Platinum as the base. You can keep using GP's abilities and you can reset the universe using U key, You can also use time stop and reset the universe or use Y to teleport behind player and reset the universe.
  • Scary World OH is the fusion of Scary Monsters and The World Over Heaven, with The World Over Heaven being the base. This fusion can be deadly because of Scary Monsters' dinosaur. The dino can sometimes deal massive damage, as with the right stats and blessing the dinosaurs can deal over 180k damage.
  • Speed Platinum Prime is the fusion of Speed King and Star Platinum Prime, with Star Platinum Prime as the base. This stand can deal good amount of damage because of the burning effect. With a good trait, Hamon, and Saintly this stand can be deadly.
  • Cream Platinum Prime 'this stand is the fusion of star platinum prime and cream the main is star platinum and sub is cream while cream is the sub with the void effect with saintly and hamonic this can shred normal bosses (do not recommend for soloing serious bosses)
  • Tusk Experience Requiem is the fusion of Gold Experience Requiem and Tusk act 4 while using Gold Experience Requiem as the base you can use infinite rotation passive with GER's base damage.
  • Speed Monsters Is the fusion of Speed King and Scary Monsters, with Scary Monsters as the base. Scary Monster’s move’s are infused with the power of flames to do decent damage.
  • Emperor Tusk is the fusion of The Emperor and Tusk, with Tusk as the base.You are able to shoot homing nails that hit targets multiple times, dealing lots of damage
  • Soft Guest is the fusion of Soft And Wet and Guest Platinum, with Guest Platinum as the base. You can do homing barrage, and the soft and wet bubble melee, this can shred people (probably even bosses). Recommended blessings and specs. Spin, Divine or Saintly.
  • Cream C is the fusion of Cream and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, with D4C as the base. When you use Love Train you can do extra damage with Void damage [2.5x] from Cream, and also this is good for 1v1s.

Fusion Abilities

Part 3

[Star Platinum Prime]: Turns basic melee into Strong melee, 1.75x melee damage plus giving Super Ora punch. This Passives applies to all melee types, EXCLUDING Over-Heavens.

[The Sun (Non-Humanoid)]: Gives the main stand the ability Bright Burner (passive ability). Certain stands do not work with this Passive, this includes: Harvest, Six Pistols, The Emperor, Metallica, etc.

[Magicians Red]: Your projectiles become engulfed in flames, dealing damage dependent on the projectile's damage.

[Silver Chariot]: Grants your stand Silver Chariot's swordDOESN'T change the rush to the sword, instead letting you use Silver Chariot's Flanking Slash.

[Hierophant Green]: Damage dealt to others has a chance to proc a Tentacle Stun. Adds the ability to use Emerald Splash as your U Utility.

[Cream]: All forms of damage will deal Void damage. Void does [x1.3] damage based on proximity. Ineffective if you leave a certain range.

[Osiris]: Grants the Soul Chip move. Reduces your Overall Base Damage.

[Anubis (Non-Humanoid)]: Allows the stand user to use Anubis' deflect move.

[Hermit Purple (Non-Humanoid)]: Grants a chance to pull in target with vine upon damage.

[The Emperor (Non-Humanoid)]: Makes any projectiles into weak homing projectiles(Damage is reduced by 1.5x)

[The World]: Allows your designated stand the ability to use Time-Stop. Cooldown is 2 minutes.

Part 4

[Crazy Diamond]: Gives any projectile move the chance to home in on targets. If a projectile homes in on target it will deal 2x the damage.

[The Hand]: Gives Erasure Damage for all attacks above a certain damage scaling threshold. (More than 15 Damage). As well as grants Erasure Swipe as your U ability.

[Harvest]: Grants the chance to cause the drunk effect upon damage.

[Echoes]: Percent chance that attacks apply the Three-Freeze effect.

[Star Platinum]: Turns basic melee into Strong melee, 1.75x melee damage plus giving Bearing ShotThis Passives applies to all melee types, EXCLUDING Over-Heavens.

[Ratt (Non-Humanoid)]: Chance to add 2.66x damage.

  • [NOTE]: 1/3 of your total damage happen 8 total times, dealing damage over time. (example: 1000-> 333 [x8])

[Heaven's Door]: Gives Open Book move to your stand.

[Highway Star]: All attacks give Life Steal. This Life Steal can be combined with Vampire to buff life steal damage. The life steal is (damage you did) / 5.

[Atom Heart Father (Non-Humanoid)]: Grants the ability to use photo flight.

[Killer Queen]: 1/4 chance for a projectile to become explosive, dealing triple the damage. Grants the fusion ability Primary Bomb.

Part 5

[Gold Experience/Requiem]: Turns basic punches into GER punches, grants Return to Zero and the ability to see any D4C in dimension and such. This fusion relies on power. (Requires Requiem to use RTZ)

[Sticky Fingers]: Grants the head-removing Head Detachment ability. Has a cooldown of 7.5 seconds.

[Purple Haze]: Basic melee has a chance of becoming Bulb Punch plus grants the Bulb Cannon, Strong Punches always become Bulb Punch.

[Moody Blues]: Let's you use the "Replay!" ability (Moody Blues' T move)

[Black Sabbath]: Ability to teleport behind player closest to your cursor. Has a range of about The World's Time Stop.

[Spice Girl]: Chance to bounce the enemy away from you upon damage, as well as granting the ability to use Soft Bounce.

[King Crimson]: Turns Strong Punches into Chops and allows your stand to Time-Erase. It will not allow you to move during a time stop, however.

[Chariot Requiem]: Gives you the Sleep Aura, and the Bodyswap passive. The cooldown on it is proportional to the regular SCR's aura.

[Aerosmith (Non-Humanoid)]: Allows your stand to use Machine Gun.

[Mr. President (Non-Humanoid)]: Passive doubled defense.

[Rolling Stones (Non-Humanoid)]: Damage dealt to targets with 25% or less health instantly kills the target.

[Six Pistols (Non-Humanoid)]: All projectiles deal 1.35x damage and are guaranteed to auto-aim (projectiles don't become homing, they're aimed towards the nearest target).

[White Album (Non-Humanoid)]: Chance to freeze target upon damage.

[Metallica (Non-Humanoid)]: Grants the ability Iron Cloak.

[The Grateful Dead]: Gives you the Aging Aura, and the Give Ice ability.

Part 6

[Stone Free]: Grants String TetherLonger cooldown than regular Stone Free.

[Kiss]Most projectiles are duplicated 3x and offset plus granting Self-Arm duplication. Projectiles only have a chance to become tripled. - (SoD's Missiles, Harvest projectiles, Echoes Act 2 projectiles, The Sun's beam, Metallica's scalpels, BNR's smoke bombs, and KQAU's mines will not be duplicated with Kiss as a subfusion.)

[Weather Report]: Damage done to an enemy that is far away has a chance of shooting a snail at them.

[Diver Down]: Damage deals true damage (bypass all defense, including buffs from ulf, stand level, requiem, spin, rock human, or mr president sub), also buffed its damage scaling a bit

[Whitesnake]: Grants the ability to silence a target upon damage for a short amount of time.

[C-Moon]: Gives Gravity Manipulation and Basic Melee turn into Inversion Melee. It only delays melee damage. - (Only affects Basic Stand Punches. Will not affect Barrages or any other sort of Melee Attacks.)

[Made in Heaven]: Grants the stand user the ability to Universe Reset plus its Over Heavenly melee type, also grants a slight speed boost.

Part 7

[Tusk]: Damage done that is [30%] or more of the target's max hp applies the infinite spin debuff to them. (This will NOT increase their damage.) Gives the ability to use "Fingernail Shotgun". Turns Basic punches into Tusk punches, scaling off of Power.

[Ball Breaker]: Grants Infinite Rotation, making all damage AoE transfer. 1/4 chance to cause Infinite Rotation. Also grants Infinite Rotation Blast move.

[20th Century Boy (Non-Humanoid)]: Grants Absolute Defense.

[D4C]: Gives the ability to use Dimensional Flag. It cannot bypass time stops nor time accelerations while in the Flag Dimension. The user can't Stand Jump while using this move either. The fusion ability's cooldown is currently 10 seconds per use.

[Boku no Rhythm wo Kiitekure]: Melee hits have chance to create sticky bombs.Grants Sticky Bomb Toss Ability.

[The World Alternate Universe]: Gives SOME/CERTAIN stand's E attacks the homing property, allows the use of Knife Throw. Barrages will change to the Piercing type. This removes the ability to do % damage.

[Cream Starter (Non-Humanoid)]: Gives attacks a chance to blind.

[Hey Ya (Non-Humanoid)]: Gives self encouragement and 20% chance to dodge all attacks [Including Over Heaven attacks]

[Mandom (Non-Humanoid)]: Allows the stand to rewind time.

[Scary Monsters (Non-Humanoid)]: Allows a chance to spawn a dino minion upon damage. Has an approximately [1/15] chance of activating. (User has to be within close range)

[Chocolate Disco (Non-Humanoid]: Grants Projectile Dislocation.

Part 8

[Fun Fun Fun (Non-Humanoid)]: Any players that take damage, within a certain range of you, get marked. Gives you the Limb Control ability.

[Soft & Wet]: Damage done to a nearby enemy has a chance of stealing their balance. Changes most melee to bubble melee (bubbles will deal x1.45 damage the first hit dealt), and giving you the Bubble Prison fusion ability.

[Killer Queen Alternate Universe]: Damage done below a certain damage scaling threshold causes mi-i explosions. (Damage Below 3000). You also obtain the U ability, Mini Sheer Heart Attacks.

[Speed King]: Damage dealt will have a chance to ignite the enemy, dealing flame damage over time. You must be close range to activate the ability.


[Symphony of Destruction]: Grants Radioactive Tremor that pulls in targets and explodes.

[Crazy Train]: Grants Relativity Shift and gives Strong Punches the Molecular Disassembly effect.

[Rumble]: Gives the ability of Slam Dunk.

[White Wedding]: Grants the ability of Ionic Bond.

[Star Platinum Over Heaven]: Basic melee becomes Over Heavenly melee plus granting Star Blast.

[The World Over Heaven]: Basic melee becomes Over Heavenly melee plus granting Mini Star-Volley.

[Guest Platinum]: Holding U will use a Homing Rush.

[Star Spangled Banner]: Gives all Rush Attacks an infinite duration. (Excludes Homing Barrages) Gives the fusion move SSB's Y move. [Note]: This gives certain non-humanoid stand barrages like The Emperor's E infinite duration.

[Smashing Pumpkin]: Allows you to use Sneaking Shadow.

[Cream Over Heaven]: Chance to put the target to sleep upon damage, Strong Punches have the Dream Eater effect.

(And More!)

Now you can fuse non humanoid stand as a base and humanoid stand as a sub you can use U move

DISCLAIMER: Tusk ACT4 fused with OH Stands are not possible, Tusk ACT4 punches will overwrite the OH moves.

ANOTHER DISCLAIMER: According to TTHAX's "PJJ Bannable Offenses" Trello, fusions that can attack within D4C's Flag Dimension can get you banned. The World over heaven and stun-fusing - ban

Fusion Spec:

[Kiss Caesar]: with Caesar Hamon at base, Hold C and use E, R with U for High Combo Damage

[Red Caesar]: With Magicians Red as a sub, Hold C, and use E and R. This sub will make enemies burn.

[Emperor Cyborg]: With The Emperor as a sub, press Q then click and hold, it isnt a good fusion for PvP but it's good at farming.

[notes: could insta-kill Kira and Diavolo without Serious Mode]


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