Diavolo, the split personality of Vinegar Doppio, is a boss that can be fought.


  • Diavolo spawns in Italy, near the vampire mansion, next to the holy dummies and stop sign.
  • Diavolo has somewhere around 1.5 million health.
  • Diavolo spawns every 13 minutes 20 seconds with a 1/3 chance.
  • Diavolo is one of the two bosses that can spawn in Serious Mode (the other being Kira). He has a 20% chance to spawn in serious mode.
  • When in Serious Mode,the boss' health is tripled and deals 1.5x more damage. Additionally, he will take much less damage. The boss' theme will also play corresponding with a stand aura.


  • Epitaph

Diavolo uses Epitaph,which lets him dodge most moves which will be read as "DODGED".(Only Over-heaven stands, Tusk, and Gold Experience Requiem can bypass this.) [He spams this hard,s o be on the lookout.]

  • Time Erase

King Crimson erases time,which makes him invisible to most players,a llowing him to strike players caught off-guard.(Gold Experience Requiem bypasses this.)

  • Severing Chop

Diavolo's stand,King Crimson does a knife hand, dealing above average damage.

  • Severing Kick

Diavolo's stand,King Crimson does a kick,d ealing good damage and great knockback.

  • Flanking Jab

Diavolo's stand,King Crimson does a strong jab dealing impressive amounts of damage and lodging his arm inside the opponent.[Additionally deals bleed damage if hit from behind]

  • Barrage

King Crimson does a barrage,dealing moderate damage and noticeable knockback.


Corpse Part

Upon death,Diavolo will drop a corpse part,w hich can be used to bless a stand with Blessing or re-roll your ability's trait. [Note that you must require 100% Worthiness to use the corpse part.]

Stand Disc

Upon defeating Serious Diavolo,he will drop a stand disc that can be clicked to give a non-stand user the stand in which name is written(i.e. Whitesnake T usk etc.).The disc does not use any worthiness and is limited to giving either a tier 6 or tier 7.

[NOTE]:The stand disc is a map object,not an item,t hus must be clicked to be obtained and cannot be picked up or stored in Gucci Bag.

Special Notes

  • Global notification sound for spawning: "これわ試練だ” (Kore wa shiren da/This is a test.)
  • Diavolo is needed to finish the Jotaro questline.
  • Diavolo despawns after 5 to 10 minutes. If defeated before timer ends,the name will change to "WON".If timerhe t ends before death,the name will change to "LOST".
  • Diavolo cannot move in stopped time.

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