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DIO's Bone is an item dropped by DIO and a randomly spawned item that grants 5% worthiness

DIO's Bone (clickable)

The clickable bone randomly spawns in both Morioh and Italy, and grants 5% worth upon clicking it (this changes to 10% if the player has bought the Double Worth Gamepass). It has a yellow-ish glow around it.

DIO's Bone (item)

DIO's Bone is obtained by defeating DIO, who spawns guaranteed every 30 mins. DIO's Bone has a 1/10 chance of dropping upon defeating DIO. It has a white glow around it.

  • [INFO]: DIO's Bone has 3 uses:

    DIO's Bone (ITEM) Menu.

1. To evolve Whitesnake into C-Moon.

2. To instantly level your stand up to level 10.

3. To reset your User Spec (Hamon, Vampire, Spin, Rock Human).