"My skill with explosives has become a special ability... I take this as a mission from God!"

  • (ボクのリズムを聴いてくれ) Boku no Rizumu o Kiitekure
  • Boku no Rhythm's bombs are special based, but it's rush is power based.
  • All of the bombs explode in the matter of 1 minute.
  • If somebody is close to the player that you originally put the bomb on, they will also take damage due to it's explosion.


(E): Boku no Barrage

  • Perform a very fast, and powerful barrage. The barrage beats Stone Free in terms of speed, and in terms of Power. The barrage is mostly good for stun hits, and can be used for easy combos.

(R): Boku no Rhythm: Sticky Bomb Punch

  • Pressing R and successfully hitting an enemy with it will stick a bomb on to them. After 1 minute, the bomb will explode, dealing damage to the enemy that the bomb is stuck on. If you hold C and then press R the bomb will explode in 3 seconds instead of 1 minute.
  • [NOTE]: Using R resets the cool-down for E.

(T): Boku no Rhythm: Sticky Bomb Toss

  • Boku no Rhythm shoots out 5 bombs that go in different directions, working like a shotgun. After 3 seconds, the bombs will explode. The amount of damage this move does depends on how many bombs stick on to your enemy. If all 5 bombs stick on your enemy, it'll do high damage, 3 or 2 bombs is medium damage, 1 bomb is fairly low damage.

[NOTE]: This move is mildly spammable, so I suggest that you use it frequently.

Stand Level

(F): Boku no Rhythm: Exploding Smoke

  • Boku no Rhythm makes a small cloud of smoke filled with bombs. The bombs explode after 3 seconds. Anybody in that cloud will be launched away as well as damaged. This move's bombs do not stick on to your enemy, so it may be easier to dodge than any of the other moves. You unlock this move at Stand Level 3.

[NOTE]: This move is also highly spammable like the Sticky Bomb Toss.

(Z): Boku no Rhythm: Bomb Jump

  • Boku no Rhythm places a bomb on the ground. Anybody near the bomb will be launched up and forward, including you, working like a stand jump. Bomb Jump is arguably better then stand jump but it can also work on other people, so you have to be careful when using it.
    You unlock this move at Stand Level 2.

[NOTE]: When you use bomb jump, it deals low damage to others that use the bomb if they are not in your gang. Bomb Jump can also work on several people at once. This move can (I might just be weak) damage the user, so use it carefully.

  • Self Bomb Jump
  • Bomb Jumping Others
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